AtoZcars is a platform where you can buy / sell / exchange used car in anyway you can think of.We make selling a car easy, simple, fair and quick experience. As the largest car company in the East Delhi, we offer an extremely efficient and reliable way to car owners to sell their vehicle at the best price. This is done by getting the real value of the second-hand cars for sale.

Selling used cars is not an easy task. If you have to sell a car, normally it takes almost 20-30 painful attempts to put that used car for sale at the correct valuation. You meet multiple buyers to sell your old car and most of the time face last-minute buyer back-offs and delayed payments. After all this hassle, if you manage to find a good buyer of second-hand cars, there are chances you wait for several months to get the RC transfer. This is where AtoZcars has stepped in. We make selling used cars really convenient. We buy any old car, irrespective of the condition, model, state of registration and make; while not compromising on the price. This simply translates into providing our customers with a complete second-hand cars solution. All you have to do is book an appointment with any of our branches for a free inspection to get your used car valuation. Then your car is put up for a live auction, where thousands of authorized buyers participate to buy the car.

At AtoZ CARS, we ensure that the entire process of selling used cars is a matter of hours, and the customer leaves the branch keeping intact all the happy memories of his old car.

We buy your car at the right price

After a comprehensive car inspection, you receive used car valuation and thousands of our channel partners compete with each other to give you the right price of your car.

We buy your car in a single visit

With us, you need not worry about multiple negotiation meetings and last minute worries. Once you book an appointment, all you need to do is go to our branch, get the right price of your car through car inspection and sell it to our channel partner. This process takes just one visit.

Receive instant payment

Once you've agreed to sell your used car, and our channel partner agrees to buy, you receive payment instantly in your bank account. Our primary focus is to let you sell your car in the most efficient way.

Free RC transfer

Once you've decided to give away your car, no need to worry about the transfer of the ownership. We take care of it. You will also receive the RC transfer status from our team.

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